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Posts by: Aine O'Connor

Our Christmas Musical

How fantastic do we look on the stage in our costumes. We performed the musical ‘The Snowman’. We hope you all enjoyed it. We certainly did. Merry Christmas everyone.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa came to visit us here in Greenmount. The excitement!! We sang him our favourite Christmas songs and then he gave us presents. Thank you Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas Crackers

Happy Christmas!! We had so much fun today pulling Christmas crackers. We won party hats and lots of little prizes. We are really looking forward to Christmas.


We all went shopping this morning. Thank you to Ms. Ahern’s class for setting up the shop for us. We were busy with our shopping bags, reading price tags and choosing items to buy.

Life Skills

We were very busy in the kitchen this morning. Over the past few weeks we have been practising washing our hands and faces, brushing our teeth, spreading butter on toast and pouring juice. We are getting so good at it that today we did all our jobs together. Look how fantastic we are.

Pizza Party

We made pizzas in school. We spread the tomato sauce on the pizza base and then sprinkled cheese on top. We put them in the oven to cook. When they were ready we all tried some pizza. Yum yum!



We love tennis! We have been working hard on our tennis skills over the past few weeks. Thank you so much to the tennis coaches.

Happy Birthday

One of the boys in our class celebrated his birthday day. He is a big boy now. Happy birthday!! Thank you for all the sweets and delicious cake.

The Three Little Pigs

We love drama in our class. We read the story of the Three Little Pigs and here are some pictures of us acting it out. We had some very scary Big Bad Wolves and some very frightened Little Pigs. Hurray for drama!!