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Brrr…iliant Igloos

Our theme this week has been ice. We’ve been learning all about the penguins in Antartica and how to build igloos. We read a fab story called Lost and Found all about a little lost penguin who is brought back to the South Pole by his new friend. We have been singing penguin songs and dancing penguin dances. What a great two weeks! Here are some photos of us making our igloos and our penguins.

Painting our Penguins

Happy Birthday Liam and Oskar

Liam and Oskar celebrated their birthdays together in school. We had cake and sweets and a very competitive game of musical statues. And surprise, surprise, it was also Ms. O Donoghue and Siobhan’s birthdays. Happy birthday to all!


Happy Birthday Ciara

Ciara turned 6 today. Happy Birthday. We had a lovely time dancing and singing and tucking into yummy party bags that Ciara’s mum sent in. Thanks mum. We all had a great time.

Santa arrives in Greenmount

Wow! The excitement today when Santa arrived for a quick visit from the North Pole!!! He brought yummy selection boxes for all the children. We promised him that we’ve been very good all year and that we’ll go to bed early on Christmas Eve. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Christmas Dress Rehearsal

The Language Classes had their dress rehearsal on Friday. Don’t they look so cute in their costumes? Here they are mid-song, giving it socks. We’re all looking forward to the show on Tuesday so that we can show off to our families.

Tennis Lessons

We have been learning how to play tennis for the past 8 weeks. At first we didn’t know how to even hold the tennis racket. Now we can volley across a net. Go us!

Science Week

We did an amazing experiment for Science week. We placed skittles around in a circle on a plate and then poured warm water over them. It created a beautiful rainbow when the skittles dissolved.

Then we tried it on our own. Teacher gave us each a plastic cup and a skittle. We put the skittle in the cup and poured warm water on top. We were amazed to see the water in the cup change colour.

Icing buns

We iced buns today. Teacher brought in icing sugar and we mixed it with water to make icing. We had to mix it for a very long time. Phew! Then we put it on top of the buns with a smartie to decorate. As soon as the icing was dry, we were able to eat our buns. Yum, yum!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun carving our pumpkin.

We discovered that pumpkins have seeds inside. We’ll plant these and hopefully they will grow. (Fingers crossed everyone!)

Look at how proud we are!

We have mini pumpkins also that we will carve in our classrooms and bring home to our families.