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Posts by: Aine O'Connor

Rain clouds

We made it rain in our class! We loved doing this science experiment.

We put water in a glass with shaving foam on top to create a cloud. Then we used droppers with blue food colouring and put drops of blue on top of the shaving foam. Then we had to wait very patiently until the blue seeped through the ‘cloud and into the sky! Magic!

African Drumming

We are so lucky to have Patrick coming in to us to teach us African Drumming. We look forward to our drumming class every week. Sometimes we even get to have a bit of a dance while Patrick plays. Thank you so much Patrick.

Our Lungs

We were learning all about our lungs in school. We discovered that they are in our chest. When we breathe in, they get bigger and when we breathe out, they get smaller, just like a balloon. We did some running and discovered that afterwards we breathe faster. Then we had some fun with balloons, blowing them up like our lungs and then letting the air out.

Shaving Foam Marbling

We got into a sticky, slimy mess with shaving foam. First we sprayed out the shaving foam. Then we squeezed in different colour paint. Then we used our hands to mix the paint and the shaving foam. There were lots of oooooss and ahhhhs at how it all felt. We decided it was sticky and slimy. It made a gorgeous marble effect. Then we pressed down our paper and left to dry. We hope our mammies and daddies loved our beautiful artwork.

Travel Action Day

As part of Travel Action Day, the Language Classes performed ‘The Walking Song’ on the stage for the whole school. We got a big clap from everyone and Ms. Ahern and Ms. O Connor were so proud of us. Well done everyone!

Scoot to School Week

This week is Scoot to School week. We have been learning about different ways to travel that are better for the environment. We learned that walking is the most environmentally friendly way to travel. We are very proud of our shoe that we made and we all agreed that the shoe is definitely big enough for a giant.

We all brought in scooters and bikes and had a scooter disco in the yard complete with 80’s music. Thanks Mr. Dooley.

Irish Dancing

We have been practicing for the past two weeks for our Ceilí Mór in the hall. Two mammies came in to teach us. Thank you Janas and Claire. We have loved every minute of it. Our first dance is a special St. Patrick’s day dance where we scare all the snakes away.

Our second dance is a dance that we do in partners. Here we are practising.

Then of course after all that hard work we have to have a dance off at the end.

We are really looking forward to the ceilí tomorrow.



Happy Mother’s Day

To all the hardworking mammies out there: Happy Mother’s Day. Your children have made great promises in school to tidy their bedrooms and their toys to show you how much they love you.


We made Lava Lamps

We took part in a very exciting experiment in the Language Class. We made lava lamps. First we poured in water.

Then we poured the oil in.

We discovered that the oil floated on the water. We tried to get them to mix by putting oil and water into a bottle and shaking it.

The mixture did go all cloudy at first but then Ciara noticed that it was starting to get very yellow on top.

Then we knew that the oil must be settling on the top.

We put in food colouring so that we would be able to see the bubbles in the lava lamp.

Then we put in fizzy (effervescent) tablets to make it fizz.

The result was amazing!!!

It was so exciting when we discovered that we could also hear and smell our lava lamps too. Amazing science!


Our boats floated!!! There were cheers of happiness in our classroom today when we finally got our marla boats to float. Our lego men had a lovely time floating in our very own boats. Congratulations everyone.