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City Hall Winners!!

Congratulations to the wonderful sixth class for receiving first place in the Discover Cork School’s Heritage Project. It was a great honour to receive the trophy last night in the City Hall. Well done to all of sixth class for their hard work and dedication. Well done also to Rhys, Caoilfhionn and Peace who did an absolutely superb job last night speaking on stage about the project. We are super proud of you all!

World Book Day!!

Sixth class organised a wonderful and very enjoyable World Book Day! We had a book swap and lots of children dressed up as their favourite book characters! Everybody had a chance to parade down our red carpet and there were loads of prizes for best dressed as well as free books for everyone to take home and enjoy! It was a very memorable day and great fun was had by all!

Christmas show fun!!!

Yesterday was a very special day for 6th class pupils. Not only did they write their own outstanding play and made amazing props they performed it in front of moms & dads, students, teachers and everybody else!!
On the day of the play some of our class mates had stage fright so we all encouraged each other to go on stage. On top of all this we were under time pressure to get the final script completed because we were also completing our history project.
Our play was first on out of the afternoon shows which were the 4th, 5th and 6th classes. Our play had so many funny bits and the audience got a great laugh!! Our play was about Santa not sticking to his diet all year and then he ended up getting stuck in a chimney!
After our play we got so many compliments about how funny it was! Our principal Mr. Hurley said that it was so funny and that he loved it. That made our whole class very happy.
We also had a very special guest, Leanne Murphy who came out at the end! We would like to give a special thanks to Olivia and Caoilfhionn for writing the first draft of the Christmas play! We would also like to give a special thanks to Ryan our musical director. We would also like to give a special thanks to our parents for all of the extra help and great support and encouragement always!! Happy Christmas everybody!!
Written by 6th class

Sixth class History Project

Since October sixth class have been working on a very special history project which will be entered into a competition in the City Hall in January. Our project is about a 1904 Evening Echo that was found in our school. It is the oldest copy of the Echo available in Ireland. As part of our research we first of all studied the old paper. Each person then worked on a particularly interesting article. We looked at advertisements, war, clothing, crime, streets in Cork, money and much much more. We learned loads about life in 1904 as a result of our studies. We also took a trip to Cork City library and looked at microfilm and old newspapers. We had a very enjoyable trip to an old house in Wellington Square as part of our research. We also had great fun designing a tram and the model will be on display in the lobby complete with sound effects! We received much help from our local historian Plunket Carter and we would like to extend a very big thank you for all his help and time. We will be in the lobby with our project over the next few days and we hope to see you there.

Club Ceoil

On the 12th of December some of the teachers from Club Ceoil came in to play some Traditional Irish Music. We had a really enjoyable morning and got to listen to Abby on the violin, Paul on the concertina and keyboard and Jim on the guitar! We also heard Maurice playing the banjo and Ryan played the bodhrán for us! We thank Ryan’s dad again for a wonderful morning! Big happy birthday to Niamh and Oisín who turn 12 today!!!  Enjoy the pictures below!


6th Class WWII Project!!

On Friday the 1st of December, 6th class presented their WWII projects to a few other classes and to the parents. Each pupil chose a topic they were interested in and presented it as seen in the pictures below. Thank you again to Ryan’s dad for visiting us and helping us with our projects as seen in one of our previous blogs. Please enjoy the pictures below!

Thank you to Ryans dad!!

            On Thursday the 16th of November our class had a really enjoyable morning with Maurice Dineen who is Ryan’s Dad. We have been learning about the World Wars and Maurice spoke to use about his family members who took part in World War I and 2.Maurice brought in an amazing amount of historical items and we were all fascinated by his stories. We heard of Ryan’s three great gran uncles who died in World War I and looked at their death certificates, mortuary cards and other paraphernalia including their war medals and we even got to see a soldiers small book belonging to Ryan’s great gran uncle John Roche. We were also fascinated to see a little tin box which the Queen gave as a present to the soldiers filled with either cigarettes or chocolate. We had such an enjoyable morning and learned loads. In fact we have been so inspired that we decided to do a class project on World War II and we would like to invite parents and relatives of our class to come to the halla next Friday December 1st to have a look at all our hard work.

            Thanks so much to Maurice and Ryan. Looking forward to seeing lots of you on Friday!!

Thank you to Lee’s Dad!

On Friday the 17th of November we had another great visitor to our class. Lee Murphy’s Dad visited us and he brought a huge variety of creatures for us to see. He told us all about them and we really enjoyed holding the animals and learning all about them. We saw a number of really cute bunnies as you will see in the photos! We also saw turtles known as terapin and lizards including a Chinese cave gheko and Bearded Dragon. Our classroom honestly resembled a pet shop and it was a very enjoyable and informative morning. Thank you so much to Lee’s Dad for taking the time to bring these into us. In the next few weeks we will be concentrating on report writing in our class and we will write about our favourites. We will put these on our blog so watch this space!!!

Hope you enjoy our photos!

Happy Halloween!

What a lovely last day we had! Bhí drama deas againn as Gaeilge. Lee and James got the rings from the barmbrack. We really enjoyed the jazz band especially Afrin and Iffat from our class! Well done girls!!!

Thank you!

Thanks so much to Reece’s Mum Kathy for the beautiful home baking!! We really enjoyed it!