160 Bliain Ag Freastal

Fifth Class

Take Pride in Your Jersey

Well done to pupils in 5th and 6th class who won prizes in the Clonakilty Black Pudding Take Pride in Your Jersey Competition. The classes won a visit from Cork City player, Graham Cummins!

Cycling Workshop

5th Class completed a 5 week cycling workshop. All involved loved improving their cycling skills as well as learning valuable road safety rules.

U.C.C. Tour!!!

On Tuesday the 14th of March 5th and 6th classes went on a very enjoyable tour of U.C.C. Firstly we were delighted to each be given a gown to wear for the tour as when the university first opened all students wore those gowns! We felt a bit like we were in a scene from Harry Potter!! We learned lots of history about U.C.C. We particularly enjoyed visiting the Aula Maxima where we saw all the really old books and the portraits of the presidents of U.C.C. We also visited the Honan Chapel and enjoyed looking at all the fabulous stained glass windows! We heard all about the Quad and we visited the observatory. We particularly enjoyed opening up the roof (see photos!) and seeing the roof turning on tracks!! To finish we all received our U.C.C. certificate and got our photos taken. We had a fantastic morning and look forward to being  students there in the future!!! Thanks U.C.C. for the goodie bags!!20170314_112950 20170314_114840 20170314_120047 20170314_120832 20170314_122630 20170314_122639 20170314_122939 20170314_123155 20170314_123230 20170314_125143


We all had so much fun making these art pieces and we hope you enjoy our pictures!!!! 20170207_142039 20170207_142119 20170207_142157 20170207_142208 20170207_142241 20170207_142303 20170207_142312 20170207_142421 20170207_142501

Afrin’s birthday!

Afrin’s Birthday!!!!!!


On the 9th of February it was Afrin’s 11th birthday!!!!! Her parents brought in a big cake. Everyone including our teacher, Rachel and Michelle had a slice. The cake was so delicious, some people asked for seconds!! We all had so much fun and Afrin had a great time on her birthday.


We hope you enjoy some of the pictures!20170209_131455 20170209_131459 20170209_131537 20170209_131542


Junior Achievement Ireland!

Today we were delighted to have a visit from Aidan who came from Gas Network Ireland. He is an engineer. He will be visiting us for the next five weeks as part of Junior Achievement Ireland.

Today we learned about resources. We also played a really enjoyable board game about the different ones!

We are already looking forward to next week where we will learn about entrepreneurs!!

20170207_100459 20170207_100510 20170207_100516 20170207_100524

Spaghetti and Marshmallows!!!

Today we made spaghetti and marshmallow towers! First we were split up into groups of four and five. Then we started off by making our base and then working upwards. It was hard but eventually everyone made a tower. The tallest tower was made by Corey’s team which included James, Aaron, Emma and Corey. Everyone tried their best and had lots of discussions and fun!


Written by Darren


Hope you enjoy our pictures!!!


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