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Language Class

Happy Birthday Lily

Lily celebrated her 6th birthday in school with all her friends. She brought in party bags for us and a yummy chocolate cake. Happy birthday Lily!


Recount Writing

Here are some examples of our recount writing. We were recounting Emma’s news. She went to Yvonne’s party at the weekend. They went to the pool.  There are four sections to our recount. When did the story happen? Who was in the story? What did they do? Where did the story happen? Teacher was very proud of our lovely writing.

Recount Writing- AndrewRecount Writing - PatrickRecount Writing - MichaelRecount Writing - EoghanRecount Writing - EmmaRecount Writing - DarraghRecount Writing - Alex

Letter Writing

We read a story called ‘Dear Zoo’. It is all about a little boy who wrote to the zoo asking for a pet. They sent him some very interesting animals. We decided that we would also write to the zoo for a pet. Here are our letters:

Letter Writing 6Letter Writing 4Letter Writing 3Letter Writing 2Letter Writing 1Letter Writing 7

Darragh’s birthday

Happy birthday Darragh! Darragh was 6 yesterday. We had so much fun celebrating his birthday. Darragh’s mum sent in party bags and a chocolate cake. Yum! Then we danced and danced to party music. We love parties!

Darragh's birthdayDarragh's birthday group

Santa’s Visit

Ho Ho Ho! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we walked into Santa’s grotto today! There, sitting in his rocking chair, was the big man himself. It was so magical. We asked him lots of questions about what we should leave out for him on Christmas Eve and what reindeer eat. We promised him that we had been very good and he told us that he had read all our letters. Then he reached into his big red sack and brought out a selection box for each one of us. We were so excited!

IMG_1011IMG_1007  IMG_1010

Christmas Cupcakes

A big thanks to Alex’s mum for sending in yummy Christmas cupcakes. They were devoured within minutes. They were a lovely treat for us to have after taking part in or school show. Thanks again to Alex’s mum. What a talent to have!

IMG_1003    IMG_0994   IMG_0995   IMG_0993IMG_0996   IMG_0998

Can I have that one?


Gingerbread Men

Mr. O Dea, our home school liason teacher, had a nice surprise for us today. He brought gingerbread men for us to ice. We were very creative with our icing. Afterwards we gobbled up our gingerbread men. Yum, Yum!

20151201_122453 20151201_122457 20151201_122619 20151201_122717 20151201_122811 20151201_121358 20151201_121752 20151201_121856 (1) 20151201_122001 20151201_122121 20151201_122332 20151201_120625 20151201_120845 20151201_121109 20151201_121225


Halloween Party in the Language Classes

On the last day of school before the Halloween holidays, the Junior and Senior Language Class had a party. We had lots of Halloween goodies for our party. We had barm brack, chocolate eyeballs, chocolate pumpkins and chocolate ghosts. We had buns with orange icing and spooky sprinkles. IMG_0933

First we iced our buns with the orange icing:


Then we put spooky sprinkles on top. Yum Yum!

IMG_0934  IMG_0941

Then we cut up the barm brack. Some of us spread butter on top. We wondered who was going to find the ring?IMG_0944

It was Eric! He found the ring.


We were stuffed after all our Halloween goodies.


So we got up and danced to Halloween music. IMG_0951 IMG_0953

Happy Halloween from all in the Language Classes


Life Skills Programme

We are very proud to announce that the Junior Language Class and the Senior Language Class have completed a six week Life Skills Programme. In this programme the children learned to independently wash their hands, wash their face, brush their teeth and brush their hair. We also poured drinks, buttered toast and biscuits and iced buns. For Halloween we had spooky sprinkles and orange icing for our buns. Yum! Yum! As well as being able to do these skills independently the children also learned how to ask questions such as, “Can I have a drink please?”, they learned specialised language such as pour (the drink), spread (the butter), wrist and thumbs (washing our hands). We also practised using our manners by saying please and thank you and learning to wait for a turn. Well done everyone. Here we are with our certificates.

IMG_0904 IMG_0905 IMG_0906 IMG_0908 IMG_0909 IMG_0910 IMG_0922