160 Bliain Ag Freastal


Static Electricity

In Science this week, we learned all about static electricity. Static electricity is created when you rub a balloon on your clothes or your hair. It causes the balloon to stick to lots of different surfaces such as the wall, your hand or your nose. We also were able to pick up our hair and colourful pieces of paper. So much fun and learning.

Fun in the Garden

Some of the big trees in our garden were posing a safety risk and had to be cut down which provided our classes with a whole new world to play in. Play is important for healthy minds and healthy bodies. We had so much fun climbing, pulling, balancing and we used teamwork to help our friends too. We used our muscles to push over some of the trunks and were amazed at the creepy crawlies we found underneath. The worms are still recovering! 🙂


We planted lettuce in school today. The seeds are really small so we were very careful with them. We put them on the window sill and watered them. Fingers crossed they will grow soon so we can have lettuce sandwiches. Yum!

Bubble Snakes

Such excitement in Ms. O Connor, Ms. Ahern and Ms. Allen’s class today in science class. We made bubble snakes. The bubbles went everywhere! We even made enough bubbles to make a bubble snowman. So much fun!

Happy Birthday

We celebrated another fantastic birthday in the Language class. Happy birthday!! Thank you for our yummy party bags. We had so much fun at the dance off afterwards. 

Volcano Experiment

What do you get if you mix vinegar and baking soda? An exploding volcano!!! We added food coloring for effect and some liquid soap for extra bubbles. This experiment was really exciting (and messy!).

World Book Day

Look at all the characters our classes dressed up as. Aren’t they wonderful! Well done to all and thank you to the mammies and daddies for putting in such a tremendous effort.

Strawberries and Potatoes

A big box of surprises arrived for us today. The excitement!

Inside was three strawberry plants and three seed potatoes. We learned how to plant them so that they can grow. We carefully put the strawberry plants and the seed potatoes into soil and gave them lots of water. Then we put them just inside the window for plenty sunlight.

We can’t wait until we can try our own home grown potatoes and strawberries but in the meantime, we’ll have to make do with the strawberries and potatoes that teacher brought from the shop.

 We learned that the strawberries and potatoes that teacher bought in the shop were not from Ireland. The strawberries were from Spain and the potatoes were from France. Our strawberries and potatoes that we are growing will be Irish. I wonder which ones will be nicer??

Magic Milk Experiment

Our science experiment this week was Magic Milk. First we put the milk in a shallow dish:

Then we put in two different colours of food colouring:

Then we all got a cotton bud and dipped it in to some washing up liquid:

When you touch the cotton bud to the surface of the milk, all the colours start to swirl and move around in the milk making the milk magic! Wow!

Planting Lettuce

This week we planted lettuce seeds in biodegradable pots. It was messy work. We know that seeds need sunlight and water to grow so we put them just inside the window and watered them. We are really looking forward to eating our own home grown lettuce. Yum!