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Cycling Workshop!

On Friday the 23rd of September we started our first of five cycling workshops! We first learned how to fit our helmets correctly and went through all safety checks for our bikes. After that we worked in groups where everybody had their own bike. We particularly enjoyed the slow bike race as we had to have great control over our bikes. We also tried sudden stop races and manoeuvring around cones. Some people even learned to ride a bike for the first time!!! Fantastic fun was had by all and we are already looking forward to next week!!!

Health Promoting Mural

In our school hall we unveiled a healthy school mural to mark all of our efforts to be a health promoting school.

Flag Ceremony

This week we proudly raised our third Green Flag for water conservation and our Health Promoting School Flag.

Green Flag Number 3

Our Green Schools Committee travelled to Little Island to be presented with our 3rd Green Flag. This is an amazing achievement for our school. Well done to Ms. Clune, Ms. Ahern and the Green Schools Committee!






Green Schools Expo 2016

Members of our Healthy Green Schools Committee traveled to Dublin recently to the first national Green Schools Expo with Ms. Ahern and Ms. Clune. The exhibition was a showcase of the Green Schools Programme and our committee came back full of ideas and energy for our next green flag!

Climate Change

Our Healthy Green Schools Committee had a meeting today to discuss climate change and how it is impacting on our world. We tweeted Green Schools Ireland!
Green Schools re Cliamte Change

Green Schools TweetScreenshot_2015-11-27-14-52-06

Working on our Third Green Flag

We are working hard on getting our third Green flag.  We, on the committee have been working hard on raising awareness throughout the school on water conservation.

We held a slogan competition.  We had lots and lots of entries.

We held  a blue day.  This was great fun.   We also had a speaker from An Taisce come to visit.  Have a look at our photos!An taisce visit - Copy blue day (2) blue day (3) blue day commitee competion enteries green school committee


Green School News

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