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Healthy Green School Committee Blog


We are very busy with our recycling work.

We continue to recycle our old mobile phones.  We hope to have enough phones to get a second ipad for our school shortly.  Please continue to recycle your phones at our recycling station which is by our notice board.

We also recycle batteries and stamps.

On the last friday of every month we hold a uniform recycling day.  We sell second hand uniforms of very good quality at low cost.

PICT1466 PICT1467

our competition

Check out our Healthy Green School Notice board.

All of our entries for our Healthy Green School theme of  ‘Energy’ are now on display.  Come and have a look!!


Healthy Green School Approach

Our school has a very proactive approach to healthy lifestyles and environmentally friendly living.  We worked hard to earn our first Green Flag.  Currently our Healthy Green School’s Committee is working hard to lead our school towards our second Green Flag.  Pictures below show our Healthy Green School’s Committee and their efforts in leading our drive to have a green, clean, healthy school.

Our litter pickers go about their work PICT0855 - Copy PICT0874 PICT1254