160 Bliain Ag Freastal

Bon Voyage

Ms. Aherne’s class and Ms. O Connor’s class flew off on their holidays today. First of all they had to make sure their passports were in order before they could board the plane. The pilot and co-pilot welcomed them on board while the air host served tea and made sure everyone had their seatbelts on. Some children flew to Spain, some to Mexico and some even went as far as Iceland. We hope they make it back in time for school tomorrow.

School Tour

Today, we went to Rumleys Farm on our school tour. We saw lots of farm animals and we even got to rub a baby rabbit and a lamb called Billy. We love the farm.

Active Schools Day Four

What a busy week we have had. On Thursday, some very kind volunteers from St. Finbarr’s Club visited our school to teach us how to play hurling and football. We also had fun in our lovely school garden. We are loving active schools week.

Flash Mob

Check out our Hip Hop Flash Mob in the school yard on Wednesday fro Active Schools Week. Thank you Dayl for teaching us our cool Hip Hop Dancing moves

Active Schools Week

What an action packed week we are having! Day Two was all dancing and all skipping while Day Three was jam-packed with tennis, basketball, rounders, dodgeball, soccer and target practice. We are loving trying out lots of different activities.

Tools of the Trade

5th Class attended City Hall for the official launch of their art work, which was created as part of the Tools of the Trade Project. Their art work was based on a maritime theme and looks most impressive on the walls of City Hall. Well done 5th Class.

Active School Walkway

Lord Mayor Mick Finn launched our Active School Walkway. By walking our clearly marked walkway five times, you clock a kilometer. Let’s get moving!

Active School Week

Day One of Active Schools Week. What a fun day! We tried our hand at the javelin/wellie throw, the relay, backwards races, long jump, high jump, tug of war, sprints, shotput and we also walk and jogged around our new school walkway. We had so much fun and can’t wait for tomorrow.

Birthday Girl

We celebrated a birthday party in Ms. O Connor’s class today. Happy birthday! Six years old. Thank you mummy and daddy for the cake and party bags. Celebrate!!

Fruit Salad

We learned all about fruit in one of our readers last week so we decided that we needed to try different fruits and make a fruit salad. We tried strawberries, raspberries, apples, oranges, grapes, banana and blueberries. Some of us were nervous at first to try new fruits but by the end we were devouring the fruit salad. Yum, yum.