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Fishing by the Lough!

On a recent class trip to the Lough we saw a 9.5kg carp caught by a local fisherman. It was the first ever fish caught by the man and he returned it to the water after weighing it and taking some pictures.

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Nathan’s Birthday

There was big excitement in the class today. Nathan was 8 on Saturday. His mom dropped in a big bag of goodies and a cake. We all had a party. Nathan wore the birthday hat and blew out the candles. We had fun playing musical statues. It was all over too soon. Our friends from Ms Allen’s class had to go home.

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The Lough

It was such a beautiful morning, we decided to walk to the Lough. We had great fun in the playground. We saw some swans. We we so hungry when we came back we had to have our lunch early!

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Our School Tour

We had a beautiful day in Rumley’s farm today. We saw all the animals, played in the playgrounds, ate lunch and had a ride on the tractor. We saw a cow being milked and we gave a lamb some milk. We met the farmer Mr Rumley. We walked all around the farm. I bet we will sleep well tonight!

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Healthy Green Schools

On Thursday 16th of May,  members of our Healthy Green School committee went to Silversprings Hotel to collect our second green flag.

The theme for the second flag was energy.

We had spent the last two years working hard to conserve energy in our school!

Well done to everyone in Greenmount for their hard work conserving energy!!!

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Healthy Green Schools

On May 17th we had our annual school clean-up.

Well done to all who took part.  Our school looks amazing!!

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Turning the sod and raising the green flag!

Today the Lord Mayor Mr. John  Buttimer came to our school to turn the sod on our new building extension.

He also helped to raise our second green flag.  The rain stayed away (just about!).  It was a great occasion!!!

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School Clean Up

Last Friday we took part in the annual School Clean Up. We scrubbed and scrubbed and now our classroom is shining. The green schools committee gave us bags and bibs to use. Teacher is delighted with the results.

School Clean Up (1) School Clean Up (6) School Clean Up (9) School Clean Up (14)

Show Time!

We hope you enjoyed our show on Friday. We had lots of fun. Here are the songs and poems that we performed. Maybe you might like to say them at home too. We started with a dance from Africa. Then we did Row, row, row your boat and A sailor went to sea, sea, sea. Then we danced the Hocaí Pocaí in Irish. We then recited the poem Slippery Fish and we finished our show off with the Chicken Dance. Rehearsals have started for our next show already!