160 Bliain Ag Freastal


1st Class Learning Tips

Dear parents,

We hope you and your family are keeping well and safe during this very stressful time. We are missing all of the cheer, laughter and learning fun that we have in First Class. We greatly appreciate any work that is being done at home with your child but please do not place yourself or your child under any pressure to complete the work. Please do what is best for your child and for your family at this time. We know some parents are still working and understand that it is very time consuming to have to do this on top of their own work.
Here we have included some tasks that you might like to complete with over child next week. There is no pressure to complete any of the tasks, they are there to fill the day if needs be. Book providers like CJFallon, EDCO and Folens have kindly provided free access to all of their books during this time. I understand that not every household will be able to access these resources so please do not go out of your way to access this work. However, we will leave some work for those that wish to avail of these services. We miss you all and hope to see you very soon.
Take care
Ms Kilgallon and Ms Kingston.

• Practice counting forwards and backwards in ones from 1-150 starting at different numbers. They can do this while doing jumping jacks etc. to make it more fun. Play ‘Knock out’ number.
• Count forwards and backwards in tens starting on the decuple (e.g. 40, 50, 60, 70) and off the decuple (e.g. 38, 48, 58, 68 )
• Ask your child what is one more than/one less than __; what is ten more or ten less than ___.
• Practice saying number bonds to ten (1+9, 2+8, 3+7 etc.)
• Play hit the button games topmarks.co.uk to reinforce the above work.
• Sums: Do 5 sums everyday like we did for homework. Use an empty number line to check your answers. Ask your child how they got their answer. Examples of sums we were doing are:
27+11, 32 – 12, 12+__ =20, 37-__=32
• Complete a Maths Challenge 1 Test daily if they have the book at home.
If your child has their Busy at Maths book at home, the following pages can be completed over the week Place Value p88-95 or you can access this book online through the cjfallon website.
There are other great Maths books such as Figure it Out 1 that you can also access for free on this site if you would like to do this also.
Playing card games is another fun way to reinforce Maths at home. Line up 8 cards: find the biggest/smallest number, add two cards together, find 2 cards that add together to make ten etc.
Go on a shape hunt in the house or garden. Find 2d and 3d shapes. The children can draw/record what they find.
nrich.maths.org has lovely maths games and your child could complete the maths game of the day!



• Continue with Week 24: Look at the words, say them, discuss the meaning, put into sentences orally before writing.
• At the end of the week do word search at the end of pg8.

• Read daily for enjoyment. Why not read to an adult or a younger sibling?
• Check out Elevenses with the World of David Walliams. Every morning at 11am, you can listen to one of the ‘World’s Worst Children’ stories. Sit down, relax and enjoy the fun! All you have to do is google: The World of David Walliams.
• Oxford Owl are offering free access to all of their e-books (tablet-friendly ) There are some FANTASTIC books on there!! All you have to do is google ‘Oxford Owl’ and set up an account for free!

• Learn how to cook/make something e.g. How to make rice crispie cakes/ How to make the perfect sandwich. Write up the procedure as we did in school under the following headings. Don’t forget to draw a picture.
Layout example:
Ingredients: (Rice crispies, cooking chocolate etc.)
Utensils: (Spoon, bowl etc.)
Method: (First you break the chocolate into squares….)

• Free Writing: Daily news/ Design a Menu/ Write a list/ Write about My favourite toy. Focus on capital letters at beginning of sentences, finger spaces, full stops.



• Teach someone at home to play ‘Deir O Grádaigh’ or ‘Cén t-ám a mhac tíre?’

• Practise general conversation:
1. Dia dhuit? Dia is Muire dhuit?
2. Cad is ainm duit? _________ is ainm dom
3. An maith leat bainne? Is maith liom/Ní maith liom/ Is breá liom bainne
4. Cén aois thú? Tá mé sé bliana d’aois (6yrs old), Tá mé seacht mbliana d’aois (7yrs old), Tá mé ocht mbliana d’aois.
5. Cén rang ina bhfuil tú? Tá mé i rang a haon.

• Practise the Irish equivalent of ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ with actions (Ceann, gulainn, glúin is cos- Youtube)

Ceann, gualainn, glúin is cos.
Glúin is cos.
Ceann, gualainn, glúin is cos.
Glúin is cos.
Agus súile, cluasa, béal agus srón
Ceann, gualainn, glúin is cos.
Glúin is cos.


• Senses Walk: Go on a spring senses walk. When you get home draw pictures e.g. I saw….birds, I smelt….. freshly cut grass, I touched…the bark of a tree, I heard…birds singing, I tasted…ice-cream

• This simple sink or float experiment can be done in the backyard if the weather is nice. Just google ‘happy hooligans floating and sinking’ to find step by step instructions.

• Here is an amazing website that has easy to do science experiments, projects, games and facts to keep your budding scientists busy during the school closure.


• Practise good hand hygiene and chat about why it is important
• Carry out an act of kindness everyday e.g. Give someone a compliment, help fold the towels.


• Design a poster that encourages people to wash their hands and practice good hygiene (cough into elbow, use a tissue and put it in the bin)
• Make cards for grandparents/people you cannot visit at the moment and post them
• Follow Will Sliney’s daily challenge on twitter
• Twinkl has lots of mindfulness colouring sheets:
Free Access to Twinkl: www.twinkl.ie/offer and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS.
• Make simple home-made plastic shakers.
• Youtube : DIY how to make plastic bottle shaker instruments for kids

P.E every morning with ‘Joe Wicks’
Just YouTube: ‘The Body Coach TV’
30 Minute PE lessons. He streams live at 9am, but you can always watch the videos later if you miss them.

• YouTube: Just Dance videos (check suitability)
• Go noodle: sign up for free workouts/dancing/meditation