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Competition time!!!

Dear students,
We would like to invite you to enter a story/poetry or song writing competition!! The theme is on the topic of time and what we are doing now that we are all at home with our families. This competition is open to all children from first to sixth classes and there will be three categories as follows: 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th and 5th/6th.
So get creative and email us in your story, song or poem to oifig@greenmount.ie. Please include your class level in the subject of your email.
We will announce the winners from each category on the website with prizes to follow!

Please check out the advertisement above and examples below which were designed by Fazla in 6th class. Many thanks Fazla.
Looking forward to reading all your entries. Stay safe and mind yourselves.
Mr. Hurley and Greenmount teachers


Well done to Fazla and Lukas!!



All students in 6th class recently received a copy of the book ‘The Person Controller’ by David Baddiel. We had lots of fun activities planned as part of this community project which included working with lots of other schools as well. Due to our recent change in circumstances the students of 6th class are now designing their own book cover and writing a report on the book.

Well done to Fazla for designing the wonderful book cover above and to Lukas for writing a great book report!

Please click on the link to read the report by Lukas.  Person Controller

Great work guys! Watch this space for more great work by 6th class. Stay safe everybody.

Trip to the playground




Today 1st class visited the local playground.

First we talked about how to be ‘safe’ on the playground.

Next we got to ‘push and pull’ to make the swing move.

Then we designed our very own ‘Dream Playground’

What a fun day !!


static electricity

2nd Class had great fun learning about static electricity.

They investigated how a balloon and a pen can be used to pick up small pieces of paper.

They also tested different materials, made some predictions and recorded the outcomes!

Christmas show fun!!!

Yesterday was a very special day for 6th class pupils. Not only did they write their own outstanding play and made amazing props they performed it in front of moms & dads, students, teachers and everybody else!!
On the day of the play some of our class mates had stage fright so we all encouraged each other to go on stage. On top of all this we were under time pressure to get the final script completed because we were also completing our history project.
Our play was first on out of the afternoon shows which were the 4th, 5th and 6th classes. Our play had so many funny bits and the audience got a great laugh!! Our play was about Santa not sticking to his diet all year and then he ended up getting stuck in a chimney!
After our play we got so many compliments about how funny it was! Our principal Mr. Hurley said that it was so funny and that he loved it. That made our whole class very happy.
We also had a very special guest, Leanne Murphy who came out at the end! We would like to give a special thanks to Olivia and Caoilfhionn for writing the first draft of the Christmas play! We would also like to give a special thanks to Ryan our musical director. We would also like to give a special thanks to our parents for all of the extra help and great support and encouragement always!! Happy Christmas everybody!!
Written by 6th class


Junior Infant’s will miss their classmate. Desmond is moving to America next week. We can’t wait to hear all about his new home. IMG_6909[1]