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We love the garden

Every day that it is dry we try to get to the garden. It is so interesting. Teacher gives us a job to do like find a spider or an autumn leaf. Then we can go and play for the rest of the time. We have fun with our friends!HITACHI HDC-1491E

Second Class 2014 – 2015

Welcome to our second class blog! We have decided to call ourselves “The Busy Beavers”, as we plan to be very busy learning and having fun all year! This month we are learning all about Autumn, skeletons, signs, maps and how important our family and friends are! We will be making a cool hand print display and painting our self-portraits. We have already begun reading our first novel.  It’s about a boy who has to wear a pink frock to school.  Imagine that! On Tuesdays we are going to visit our school library and on Wednesdays we are swimming in our local pool. What a busy bunch we are!!!!

Grand Opening of Extension

Grand Opening of Extension

Lord Mayor, Catherine Clancy cut the ribbon on our new extension with former pupils and Lords Mayor Deno Cregan and Toddy O’Sullivan.  We presented the Lord Mayor with a gift remembering her famous uncle who attended our school and was heroically killed during WWII.