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Posts by: Aine O'Connor

Mini Beast Hunt

We all turned into adventurers today on the hunt for mini beasts. We explored under rocks, tree trunks, leaves and soil. We found lots such as centipedes, worms and woodlouse. Some of us were even brave enough to pick some up.

When I grow up….

Today we spoke about what we want to be when we grow up. There were lots of suggestions from deep sea divers to fairies to movie stars. We really enjoyed painting pictures of all the occupations we would like to do when we grow up.

Easter Bonnet Competition

Congratulations to all the entrants to the Easter Bonnet Competition. You all worked very hard to create amazing Easter bonnets. Well done!

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. Before the break we had a surprise visitor to our school. The Easter bunny!! He left us treasure hunt clues that we needed to figure out to find all the yummy Easter eggs. Thank you Easter bunny.

Static Electricity

In Science this week, we learned all about static electricity. Static electricity is created when you rub a balloon on your clothes or your hair. It causes the balloon to stick to lots of different surfaces such as the wall, your hand or your nose. We also were able to pick up our hair and colourful pieces of paper. So much fun and learning.

Fun in the Garden

Some of the big trees in our garden were posing a safety risk and had to be cut down which provided our classes with a whole new world to play in. Play is important for healthy minds and healthy bodies. We had so much fun climbing, pulling, balancing and we used teamwork to help our friends too. We used our muscles to push over some of the trunks and were amazed at the creepy crawlies we found underneath. The worms are still recovering! 🙂


We planted lettuce in school today. The seeds are really small so we were very careful with them. We put them on the window sill and watered them. Fingers crossed they will grow soon so we can have lettuce sandwiches. Yum!

Bubble Snakes

Such excitement in Ms. O Connor, Ms. Ahern and Ms. Allen’s class today in science class. We made bubble snakes. The bubbles went everywhere! We even made enough bubbles to make a bubble snowman. So much fun!

Happy Birthday

We celebrated another fantastic birthday in the Language class. Happy birthday!! Thank you for our yummy party bags. We had so much fun at the dance off afterwards. 

Volcano Experiment

What do you get if you mix vinegar and baking soda? An exploding volcano!!! We added food coloring for effect and some liquid soap for extra bubbles. This experiment was really exciting (and messy!).