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Junior Infants

Irish Competition

Well done Robyn and Daniel!

Both pupil’s recently won prizes for an Irish competition organised my Ms. Bonass.


October and November Pictures

Christmas concert!

We had our Christmas concert today!

Look at our lovely Christmas costumes!


School Clean Up

Last Friday we took part in the annual School Clean Up. We scrubbed and scrubbed and now our classroom is shining. The green schools committee gave us bags and bibs to use. Teacher is delighted with the results.

School Clean Up (1) School Clean Up (6) School Clean Up (9) School Clean Up (14)

Show Time!

We hope you enjoyed our show on Friday. We had lots of fun. Here are the songs and poems that we performed. Maybe you might like to say them at home too. We started with a dance from Africa. Then we did Row, row, row your boat and A sailor went to sea, sea, sea. Then we danced the Hocaí Pocaí in Irish. We then recited the poem Slippery Fish and we finished our show off with the Chicken Dance. Rehearsals have started for our next show already!


Our theme this month has been the season of Spring. We have been reading lots of spring stories and learning spring poems. Yesterday we went out to the garden to look for signs of spring. We saw that the daffodils we planted are blooming. We found buds and cherry blossoms growing on trees. We even found nests. We can’t wait to see if baby birds hatch in the nests.

pancake party!

We had a great day today! We had a pancake party and got to put lots of yummy fillings into our pancakes!

IMG_0490[1] IMG_0492[1] IMG_0500[1] IMG_0501[1]

Welcome back

Welcome back to school Junior Infants. We hope you enjoyed the holidays and are all refreshed for a new term of learning.