160 Bliain Ag Freastal

Language Class

Nathan’s Birthday

There was big excitement in the class today. Nathan was 8 on Saturday. His mom dropped in a big bag of goodies and a cake. We all had a party. Nathan wore the birthday hat and blew out the candles. We had fun playing musical statues. It was all over too soon. Our friends from Ms Allen’s class had to go home.

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The Lough

It was such a beautiful morning, we decided to walk to the Lough. We had great fun in the playground. We saw some swans. We we so hungry when we came back we had to have our lunch early!

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Our School Tour

We had a beautiful day in Rumley’s farm today. We saw all the animals, played in the playgrounds, ate lunch and had a ride on the tractor. We saw a cow being milked and we gave a lamb some milk. We met the farmer Mr Rumley. We walked all around the farm. I bet we will sleep well tonight!

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