160 Bliain Ag Freastal

Senior Infants

The Lollipop Lady



HITACHI HDC-1491EColette our Lollipop Lady called to Senior Infants. She told us all about Road Safety. We must cross straight across the road in front of her. We must use the green man at the traffic lights to help us cross when she is not there.

Best of all she gave us lollipops going home! Thanks Colette!



Building is fun!

buildingisfun-greenmountSenior Infants have fun constructing a giant rocket from our giant Polydron shapes.

Hot Chocolate

This is how you make hot chocolate:

1. Spoon some chocolate powder into your cup.

2. Pour in hot milk.

3. Add marshmallows and enjoy.

As you can see we enjoyed our time in the kitchen.

PICT1503 PICT1504 PICT1508 PICT1509

Vegetable Tasting

We talked all about vegetables last week. We named lots of vegetables. We told the story of The Enormous Turnip. We dramatised it. We made a pictogram about our favourite vegetables. Finally both classes of Senior Infants went to the kitchen to do a vegetable taste test. We had fun tasting all the vegetables.

PICT1449 PICT1451 PICT1459

Musical Instruments

We made musical shakers from recycled water bottles and uncooked rice grains. We decorated with them with stickers. We had so much fun keeping the beat to the music with our shakers and our friends.


A Visit from John our Community Garda

John our Community Garda called into class today unexpectedly. He was going to arrest Ms Allen for giving too much homework! He showed us his handcuffs, pepper spray, baton and radio. He talked about the sniffer dogs that help the gardaí catch baddies. We all want to be gardaí when we grow up.

PICT1431 PICT1433 PICT1434