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Launch of Project Sproai at CIT


Project Spraoi was launched in CIT today by Minister Jimmy Deenihan. He praised schools like Greenmount N.S. for their participation in Project Sproai.  Sproai aims to improve the nutritional and physical wellbeing of our young people.


Healthy Green Schools

On Thursday 16th of May,  members of our Healthy Green School committee went to Silversprings Hotel to collect our second green flag.

The theme for the second flag was energy.

We had spent the last two years working hard to conserve energy in our school!

Well done to everyone in Greenmount for their hard work conserving energy!!!

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Healthy Green Schools

On May 17th we had our annual school clean-up.

Well done to all who took part.  Our school looks amazing!!

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Turning the sod and raising the green flag!

Today the Lord Mayor Mr. John  Buttimer came to our school to turn the sod on our new building extension.

He also helped to raise our second green flag.  The rain stayed away (just about!).  It was a great occasion!!!

PICT1926 PICT1941 PICT1945 PICT1948

Our second Green flag!!

Well done and congratulations to us all!!

We have been awarded our second green flag.

We have worked very hard over the past two years to conserve energy in our school.

We hope to have a whole school celebration before the year end!

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Prize Giving.

Today we had our prize giving for our poster/slogan/rap competition.

The theme was ‘energy awareness’.  Well done to all who entered.  Congratulations to all of our winners!!

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Energy Day of Action

Well done to all who participated in our Day of Action!  Today we had a Green Day to raise awareness about energy conservation.

We held a poster competition to find a new slogan and poster on the theme.  We had a  ‘no power’  morning to see what it would be like if we had no electricity.

We had to work in the dark.  Ber and Mr Hurley could not work as the offices were too dark and the computers were switched off.  Classes had no white boards!!  We realise now how much we depend on electricity in Greenmount.

PICT1492 PICT1494



We are very busy with our recycling work.

We continue to recycle our old mobile phones.  We hope to have enough phones to get a second ipad for our school shortly.  Please continue to recycle your phones at our recycling station which is by our notice board.

We also recycle batteries and stamps.

On the last friday of every month we hold a uniform recycling day.  We sell second hand uniforms of very good quality at low cost.

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