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Sixth Class – Mrs. Ringrose’s Reading Group and Spelling Group

Sixth Class – Mrs. Ringrose’s Reading Group!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well and not too bored yet! I have put together a little work that you can do this week. It is based on the novel we have just read – The Person Controller. You can write the answers and take a photograph and send it to me as an email attachment or you can email me the answers directly. Your Mum and Dad have my email!

Monday, 30th March

  1. If you could be a friend to one of the characters in the story, which character would it be? Give 3 reasons why.
  2. If you could change one thing that happened in the story, what would it be and why?

Tuesday, 31st March

  1. What part surprised you the most about the story? Why?
  2. Pick 1 character in the story and write 3 things that are similar to you and 3 things that are different from you?

Wednesday, 1st April

  1. Give 2 pieces of advice to the author about this story or about what type of story he should do next and why.
  2. What other title could this story have?

Thursday, 2nd April

  1. Think about where the story takes place. How is this similar or different to where you live.
  2. Take a look at the blurb and write your own!

Friday, 3rd April

  1. Check over your answers! Happy holidays!

Sixth Class – Mrs.Ringrose’s Spelling Group

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well! Here is some work that you might like to do this week! Don’t want you getting bored!

Monday, 30th March

  1. Learn vision, revision, television and division. This is block 1 in Unit 32. Pg. 66.
  2. In a copy, write out these 4 words in pencil. Then, trace over them in 2 different colours!

Tuesday, 31st March

  1. Learn block 2.
  2. Write a silly sentence using the spelling words. Underline the spelling words and write neatly!

Wednesday, 1st April

  1. Give yourself a mini-spelling test based on blocks 1 and 2!
  2. Learn block 3.
  3. Write your spelling words forwards and then backwards! Remember write neatly!


  1. Revise blocks 1-3 and Learn block 4.
  2. Write your spellings in alphabetical order. Try your best as I know this is hard!


  1. Go to page 67 of your spelling book and fill in the missing words from the sentences. The missing words are your 16 spellings! This is your spelling test! Best of luck! Happy holidays!