160 Bliain Ag Freastal


We made Lava Lamps

We took part in a very exciting experiment in the Language Class. We made lava lamps. First we poured in water.

Then we poured the oil in.

We discovered that the oil floated on the water. We tried to get them to mix by putting oil and water into a bottle and shaking it.

The mixture did go all cloudy at first but then Ciara noticed that it was starting to get very yellow on top.

Then we knew that the oil must be settling on the top.

We put in food colouring so that we would be able to see the bubbles in the lava lamp.

Then we put in fizzy (effervescent) tablets to make it fizz.

The result was amazing!!!

It was so exciting when we discovered that we could also hear and smell our lava lamps too. Amazing science!