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Vegetable Tasting

We talked all about vegetables last week. We named lots of vegetables. We told the story of The Enormous Turnip. We dramatised it. We made a pictogram about our favourite vegetables. Finally both classes of Senior Infants went to the kitchen to do a vegetable taste test. We had fun tasting all the vegetables.

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Musical Instruments

We made musical shakers from recycled water bottles and uncooked rice grains. We decorated with them with stickers. We had so much fun keeping the beat to the music with our shakers and our friends.


A Visit from John our Community Garda

John our Community Garda called into class today unexpectedly. He was going to arrest Ms Allen for giving too much homework! He showed us his handcuffs, pepper spray, baton and radio. He talked about the sniffer dogs that help the gardaí catch baddies. We all want to be gardaí when we grow up.

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Gymnastics Display

We invited the moms and dads to the halla on Monday to show off all our gymnastics skills. We showed our forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and handstands. We climbed the ladder, the horse and the bench. We stretched in our pipe, star and crouch stances. It was very energetic and upbeat and we all had fun! Thanks for coming everyone.

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Building Houses

We were building houses and rockets in the Junior Language Class.

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Be Cyber Safe

In 6th class we are learning  how to stay safe online. We learned that one in seven young people are being bullied online through the social media outlets they use. We devised rules to keep ‘Cyber Safe’. Once it’s said the web is fed!.

2014-01-07 10.56.55 2014-01-07 10.57.34

6th class nativity play

Congratulations to sixth class who put on a great performance in the Lough Church on Friday for the Christmas play.

cartoon cheering


Well done to Afrin and Iffat who took part in a Cork dancing competition last weekend!


Our Christmas Show

We had a fantastic time at our school concert.  We dressed up as elves and sang ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘Countdown to Christmas’.  A huge thank you to everyone who came to watch us !

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Christmas concert!

We had our Christmas concert today!

Look at our lovely Christmas costumes!