160 Bliain Ag Freastal


Life Skills Programme

We are very proud to announce that the Junior Language Class and the Senior Language Class have completed a six week Life Skills Programme. In this programme the children learned to independently wash their hands, wash their face, brush their teeth and brush their hair. We also poured drinks, buttered toast and biscuits and iced buns. For Halloween we had spooky sprinkles and orange icing for our buns. Yum! Yum! As well as being able to do these skills independently the children also learned how to ask questions such as, “Can I have a drink please?”, they learned specialised language such as pour (the drink), spread (the butter), wrist and thumbs (washing our hands). We also practised using our manners by saying please and thank you and learning to wait for a turn. Well done everyone. Here we are with our certificates.

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