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Greenmount’s Winning Streak 2011-12

2011-12 was a very exciting year for Greenmount N.S. in the sporting world.  The girl’s football team reached the final of their Sciath na Scol group.  At the same time, the boy’s football and hurling Sciath na Scol teams went on to win their groups, claiming an emotional double Sciath na Scol victory for the Green.

Later in the year, our tennis team entered the Greenmount history books by claiming the Barber Cup for the first time in Greenmount’s history.

Congratulations to the pupils and their coaches on such a wonderful sporting year.

GREENMOUNT Sciath na Scol 2012 Sport Shot from Examiner 2011 img027

Chess winners say cheese!

Chess has a long history at Greenmount and our Chess Club is one of the schools most popular clubs.  Below are photos of our chess winners at the School Award’s Ceremony 2012.

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