160 Bliain Ag Freastal

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Hands on maths games!

The Senior language class were busy bees this week playing lots of fun games in Maths! This week we were learning all about addition, and the boys and girls even used Lego to help them with their counting!

Happy Birthday Odhran

Odhran is 7! We had so much fun today at Odhran’s birthday. We ate yummy chocolate cake and jellies. Yum yum!

Thank you to Odhran’s mammy for sending in a delicious chocolate cake. We all (including the teachers!) loved it.


Our School Yard

Our first day on the yard was really exciting. We did lots of running around and played Catch and Hide and Go Seek. We also learned how to line up.


Our School Garden

We are very lucky to have a garden in our school. It has a pirate ship that we can climb on and go on adventures. It has planting boxes that we can dig and rake in. We saw some slimy slugs and snails in the garden. Everyone was fascinated by them.       

Marla Snails

We were very proud of our marla snails. We worked very hard to roll out our marla into long snakes before rolling them into snail shapes. Look at how happy we are.


First Day

We had a lovely first day in school. We had lots of fun exploring our classroom and meeting our new friends. Teacher is looking forward to the year ahead.



Ice-cream Party

Today we had an ice-cream party in our class. As we won’t see Deirdre, our Speech Therapist for the rest of this school year, she brought in ice-cream to treat us. We had to ask for our preferred flavour of ice-cream and the toppings that we would like. We were very good at asking the questions and using our new vocabulary. Yum, Yum! See you in September Deirdre.