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Pizza Party

Today in school we made pizzas. Yum!First we spread tomato sauce on the base.


Then we used sweet corn, tomatoes, ham and pineapple for the toppings. Then we put cheese on top.


Then we heated them in the oven until the cheese melted. Some people got very creative and made pizza people. They were delicious.

IMG_1085 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1089 IMG_1090  IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1095    IMG_1099  IMG_1101 IMG_1102IMG_1106 IMG_1104IMG_1108IMG_1107IMG_1103

Insect Adventure

Today we read a book about two children who went on an adventure in their garden. They found lots of insects hiding in the garden. We used our magnifying glasses to help the children find all the insects. As you can see from the pictures, we took our job very seriously and managed to find all the insects. Well done everyone!


Happy Valentine’s Day

The Senior Language Class made beautiful Valentine’s cards for their families. Just look at their works of art. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

IMG_1050IMG_1051IMG_1054  IMG_1056 IMG_1057  IMG_1059 IMG_1060 IMG_1061    IMG_1053

A fox came to visit

We had a very unusual visitor to Greenmount over the past few weeks. A beautiful red fox came to visit us with his friend. We watched them play in the garden. Then we wrote reports on the fox. We wrote about what the fox eats and what he can do. Then we drew fantastic pictures of the fox.

Madra rua IMG_1032Alex

IMG_1033 Andrew

IMG_1034 Eoghan


IMG_1036 Emma

IMG_1037 Michael

A Visit from the Lollipop Lady

Colette, the Lollipop Lady, came to visit the Language Classes. She told us all about how to cross the road safely. She reminded us to wear our high-vis jackets so that the cars will be able to see us. We had great fun pretending to be cars and stopping when Colette put out her sign. Then our friends were able to cross the road. Thank you Colette for being so nice to us and thanks especially for the yummy lollipops.


Happy Birthday Lily

Lily celebrated her 6th birthday in school with all her friends. She brought in party bags for us and a yummy chocolate cake. Happy birthday Lily!


Recount Writing

Here are some examples of our recount writing. We were recounting Emma’s news. She went to Yvonne’s party at the weekend. They went to the pool.  There are four sections to our recount. When did the story happen? Who was in the story? What did they do? Where did the story happen? Teacher was very proud of our lovely writing.

Recount Writing- AndrewRecount Writing - PatrickRecount Writing - MichaelRecount Writing - EoghanRecount Writing - EmmaRecount Writing - DarraghRecount Writing - Alex

Letter Writing

We read a story called ‘Dear Zoo’. It is all about a little boy who wrote to the zoo asking for a pet. They sent him some very interesting animals. We decided that we would also write to the zoo for a pet. Here are our letters:

Letter Writing 6Letter Writing 4Letter Writing 3Letter Writing 2Letter Writing 1Letter Writing 7

Darragh’s birthday

Happy birthday Darragh! Darragh was 6 yesterday. We had so much fun celebrating his birthday. Darragh’s mum sent in party bags and a chocolate cake. Yum! Then we danced and danced to party music. We love parties!

Darragh's birthdayDarragh's birthday group

Santa’s Visit

Ho Ho Ho! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we walked into Santa’s grotto today! There, sitting in his rocking chair, was the big man himself. It was so magical. We asked him lots of questions about what we should leave out for him on Christmas Eve and what reindeer eat. We promised him that we had been very good and he told us that he had read all our letters. Then he reached into his big red sack and brought out a selection box for each one of us. We were so excited!

IMG_1011IMG_1007  IMG_1010