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Happy Birthday Pricia

Happy birthday to one of our Speech Therapists, Pricia. 21 again!!! We were so good at keeping the party a secret. Pricia got a huge surprise when she came into the classroom. 20160601_12434620160601_124355


School Tour


We had our school tour on Monday. We went to Tír na Sí Farm in Watergrasshill. The weather was beautiful. Here are some pictures we took on the day.

Group shots:


Charlie the horse gave us a ride to see some of the animals.IMG-20160531-WA000720160530_110513IMG-20160531-WA0002

We even got to feed some of the animals:


They even had some unusual animals – alpacas and llamas:20160530_11593620160530_115633

There was a fairy woodland there. We were very quiet and tip-toed through the trees:


We knocked on the doors to see if any of the fairies would come out to say hi:20160530_11420920160530_113726IMG-20160531-WA001020160530_11370020160530_11350520160530_113425

Hard at work:


Crazy golf.


One of the highlights:



We nearly lost a few people in the ball pool!!!


Some videos of us feeding the animals:



African Drumming

For the last few weeks we have been trying out African Drumming. It has been so much fun. Patrick is our drumming teacher. We learned about the different sounds an African drum can make and all the different rhythms you cam play on the drums.

African DrummingAfrican Drumming 2African Drumming 5African Drumming 3

At the end of this week’s class we learned a traditional African dance. Here we are performing it. Thanks Patrick.

African Drumming 6

Holy Communion

Erik and Yvonne made their Holy Communion last week. Erik looked very handsome in his suit and Yvonne wore a beautiful dress. Congratulations Erik and Yvonne.

Holy Communion

Happy Birthday Patrick

It was Patrick’s birthday last week. We sang the birthday song and Patrick blew out his candles. The cakes were yummy.  Happy birthday Patrick!Patrick's birthdayPatrick's birthday 2

The Sun is Shining!

What a beautiful day we had today. The sun was shining!  A perfect day to go visit the Lough near our school. First we took a trip into the church where we looked at the stained glass windows and the altar. Then we said a prayer to Holy Mary as May is the month of Mary.

Next we set off to the Lough where we played in the playground and saw the swans and the ducks. We even saw some really cute ducklings.

The Lough 2

The Lough 1

We were exhausted at the end of our walk so we all lay down for a rest in the shade before heading back to school.

The Lough

Long may the sun shine! 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We made shamrock hats and Irish flags for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure the mums and dads are going to love the copious amounts of gold glitter we decorated them with. Then we dressed up in green coats. Teacher thought we looked like leprechauns but we insisted that we were St. Patrick. Here we are waving our flags. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.IMG_1118


Happy Birthday Andrew

Andrew celebrated his 6th birthday in school today. Here he is wearing the birthday hat.


We sang him the birthday song and then he blew out the candles


But teacher had played a trick on us. The candles kept re-lighting. So we all had to help Andrew blow out the candles.


Happy birthday Andrew!

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day. We all dressed up as characters from our favourite books. We really enjoyed acting out our new personas for the day.

IMG_1113 IMG_1109