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Fun with Catapults!!!

Fun with Catapults!!!

(Written by Rose and Saoirse)


Today in school we made catapults! First we were split into groups of three and four. Secondly we gathered up all the equipment needed {Lollypop sticks, elastic bands and other decorative things}. Some groups had the same design and some were different. After long discussions and lots of planning we finally had a finished product!!! We all sat down on our ‘runway’ for a catapult competition!!! Odhran, Daniel, Jamie and Elizabeth came in first place, Lisa and Lee came in second and three groups came third, so we had another round between them and Rose, Jack and Reece’s team won so that meant they were in third place!!! Great fun was had by all teams!!!


Hope you enjoy our pictures:20161220_122253 20161220_122706 20161220_124026 20161220_124802 20161220_124816 20161220_124838 20161220_124918 20161220_124933 20161220_125014