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Scientific morning!!!

On Thursday the 15th of December a U.C.C guest came to do science with us. She firstly showed us a model of a brain! Shortly afterwards she taught us about the brain. She told us about the second brain in our stomach, which was very interesting. This controls feelings like butterflies! We learned that our brain is floating in our skull but is protected by a fluid. Multiple pupils tried to break an egg in a container filled with water, which was passed around. The egg represented the brain surrounded by the fluid. It was great fun! We also learned that  an average adult brain weighs 1.3 kg and that we have 86 million nerves in our body!! If we had  to count these nerves one by one, it would take 3,187 years to count!  Lee volunteered to get his guts measured by string! These measured about the length of the classroom! Lots of more information is available on http://apc.ucc.ie.   It was a great morning!!

Written by Julia, Damian and Rose

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