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Maths Week!!

As part of maths week we did a maths quiz in the halla today. We were divided into seven groups of four. There were six rounds including one where we had to make a triangular prism at speed!! We had lots of great discussions and enjoyed problem solving during each round! Finally the results came in! Two groups tied in 2nd place and one group came first! Ryan, Nathan, Jamie and Rose were in the winning group! They luckily won a homework pass and received medals! The two groups that came in second place also received a subject pass! We all had a great morning and each group enjoyed treats for their hard work. Thanks to all the maths team who worked so hard to put this together for us!

Written by: Saoirse, Afrin and Damian 20161019_101912-1 20161019_102827 20161019_102849 20161019_104240 20161019_104252-1 20161019_104307 20161019_104325 20161019_105332 20161019_105446