160 Bliain Ag Freastal


Ceilí Mór

We have been practising all week for a big ceilí in the yard. The rain stayed away long enough for us to get out and perform our dance. We had so much fun. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

City Hall Winners!!

Congratulations to the wonderful sixth class for receiving first place in the Discover Cork School’s Heritage Project. It was a great honour to receive the trophy last night in the City Hall. Well done to all of sixth class for their hard work and dedication. Well done also to Rhys, Caoilfhionn and Peace who did an absolutely superb job last night speaking on stage about the project. We are super proud of you all!

World Book Day!!

Sixth class organised a wonderful and very enjoyable World Book Day! We had a book swap and lots of children dressed up as their favourite book characters! Everybody had a chance to parade down our red carpet and there were loads of prizes for best dressed as well as free books for everyone to take home and enjoy! It was a very memorable day and great fun was had by all!

Pancake Tuesday

Today is Pancake Tuesday so Jennifer helped us to make yummy pancakes. Some of us had lemon and sugar on our pancakes and some of us had plain. They were delicious. We even got to flip a pancake. How exciting!! Thank you Jennifer and Ber.

Senior Infants

Our senior infants have been working so hard on writing independently. Here they are writing notes to their friends. How cute!


We have been learning all about space and the sky. We know that the sun comes out during the day and that the moon comes out at night. But what’s beyond the sky? We learned that there are planets and stars in space. We read a story about astronauts who went to see Saturn in their rocket. Saturn is the planet with rings around it. The astronauts had to wear special suits to go into space. We loved pretending to be aliens.

static electricity

2nd Class had great fun learning about static electricity.

They investigated how a balloon and a pen can be used to pick up small pieces of paper.

They also tested different materials, made some predictions and recorded the outcomes!

Our Christmas Musical

How fantastic do we look on the stage in our costumes. We performed the musical ‘The Snowman’. We hope you all enjoyed it. We certainly did. Merry Christmas everyone.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa came to visit us here in Greenmount. The excitement!! We sang him our favourite Christmas songs and then he gave us presents. Thank you Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho!